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Northwest Indiana Card Access Systems

Nurse Call Systems Installed Accurately

ATN Technology Inc. is a leading low voltage electrical contractor and designs innovative nurse call systems for independent & assisted living facilities, skilled care nursing homes, and medical clinics. When you contact us to implement an emergency call system in your senior housing or healthcare facility, our nurse call system engineers at ATN Technology Inc. will help you decide which system would improve communication efficiency the most. After a system is chosen, our technicians install and test to ensure the system functions properly.

Emergency Response System Installation Services

Once you’ve selected the best emergency communication system for your senior housing or healthcare center and customized it for your needs with our design services, our installation specialists make sure every component of your emergency communication system is installed and functioning properly. Whether your hospital requires hundreds of nurse call buttons installed throughout the building or your small healthcare clinic needs updated reporting software, the emergency communication systems from ATN Technology provide ease of use while helping staff and patients communicate in the most quick way possible.

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