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Commercial Security system supplier ATN Technology Northwest Indiana


From gas stations, to convenience stores, restaurants, lawyer offices, accounting firms, and so much more, ATN Technology Inc. can bring enterprise level solutions that help streamline a productive work environment while providing the ultimate safety for your employees and customers. Sound systems, phone systems, audio & visual systems, security cameras and more, ATN Technology Inc. is here to help you DRIVE WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY AND SAFETY.

Electrical contractor services for schools ATN Technology


ATN Technology Inc. helps school administrators, teachers, and students meet today’s communication, education, emergency standards by providing, top of the line school communication systems, educational systems, and security/safety systems. From intercoms systems to access control solutions and other technologies like Interactive Smartboards, we strive to provide a one stop solution for your schools technology needs. 

security system installer for government buildings ATN Technology


To keep citizens and the community safe, government operators and building operations are utmost importance. Providing a secure building with fast, clear, and reliable communication can set apart one city of municipality from the next. With access control, data and network, two-way radio, phone systems, and security systems, we strive for safety while providing ease of use for all low-voltage electrical solutions.

security systems for the healthcare industry ATN Technology


Healthcare professionals work in one of the most unpredictable industries. Hospitals and healthcare facilities face new challenges every day. Keeping patients and your building safe is of utmost importance. That is why ATN Technology Inc. brings a wide spectrum of communication and security solutions to your care facility. From nurse call to access control and even fully monitored security systems, we keep your facility moving and secure.

electrical servies for industrial properties ATN Technology


Communication and safety are priority in the Industrial Workplace. An Industrial  Operation are less safe and less profitable without reliable networked systems, ATN Technology Inc. helps industries with access control, intercom systems, security systems, phone systems, and 2-WAY Radio in order to help ease communication while enhancing safety and productivity.

Service Areas


  • Northwest Indiana

  • Northeast Indiana

  • Central Indiana

  • Southern Indiana


  • Chicago

  • Homewood

  • Chicago Heights

  • Flossomor 


  • Saint Joseph

  • Grand Rapids

  • New Buffalo

  • Niles


  • Canton

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